When you’re looking for a job in medical marketing or sales, you’ll leave no stone unturned. When jobs are “hidden,” however, they can be tough to find no matter how thoroughly you search.

What Is a “Hidden” Job?

“Hidden” jobs are open positions that, for various reasons, are not available to the public – or are extremely difficult to find.

It surprises many candidates to learn that, in many cases, companies that post these hidden jobs are perfectly willing to consider outside candidates for the position. The decision to make the job opening “quiet” typically stems from a desire by the company to control the size of the candidate pool or limit applications to the “right” candidates by making the opening known only to a select group of referrers.

Making the Invisible Visible: How to Find Hidden Jobs

How do you become one of the candidates with access to these hidden job postings? Talk to a recruiter!

Many companies in the medical industry rely on their recruiters to conduct a quiet, yet thorough search for the types of candidates perfect for “hidden” job postings. As a result, these job postings are often available through your recruiter’s job board or other resources – yet may not be publicly viewable.

To find these hidden jobs (and put yourself in the running for them):

  1. Talk to a recruiter. Choose a staffing firm that specializes in connecting sales and marketing professionals to positions in medical industries to find the jobs you’re looking for.
  2. Revamp your resume. Your recruiter will want to see your resume and portfolio to get a better sense of your abilities and the type of work environment in which you thrive. Focus on your accomplishments, and provide metrics whenever you can.
  3. Stay alert. Recruiter job boards often give you the ability to sign up for alerts, ensuring you’ll never miss a posting again. Let your recruiter know you’re interested in “hidden” jobs, too, and respond promptly to phone calls or emails so you don’t miss a golden opportunity.

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