Done correctly, your annual performance assessments provide an unparalleled opportunity – not only to assess and motivate your current staff, but also to understand the traits that enable your top performers to excel, to cultivate those traits among existing staff and to secure them in new hires.

Here are six tips for conducting more effective performance evaluations and using key data to improve your hiring process.

Start before the employee arrives.

Before you begin speaking to the employee, look at the employee’s evaluation from early 2017. Use your notes and any goals set to help guide your assessment of the employee’s work during the year that followed.

Ask for input.

Before you meet with each employee for their assessment, ask them to send you any information they want you to consider, such as examples of their work, praise from executives or clients or other items. Asking for input helps employees feel like part of the assessment process and helps you gain a more complete picture of their work.

Start by asking questions.

Many employees feel intimidated by the assessment process. Put them at ease by starting with a question or two: “How do you feel you’ve done this past year? What would you like to improve?” Then, share where your assessment aligns with or diverges from theirs.

Use a rubric.

If your company does not currently use a standardized rubric for evaluating work in each position, now is a perfect time to start. The rubric allows you and the employee to compare progress over years, compare employees in the same position, and makes it easy to identify and track where improvements are needed.

Collaborate to set goals.

End each performance assessment by working with the employee to set goals for the coming year. Also, schedule an interim meeting or two at which you and the employee can discuss the progress they’re making on their goals and any obstacles they’ve encountered.

Talk to your recruiter.

Finally, use your performance assessments as a chance to identify the skills and traits that help your top employees thrive in their current positions – and communicate your findings to your staffing partner. Your staffing firm can use this information to find candidates with similar skills and traits, improving their cultural fit with your team.

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