Companies that specialize in products for the medical field, like medical devices or pharmaceuticals, face unique challenges when it comes to marketing those products to the consumers whose lives can be changed by them.

Here are four major challenges medical marketing teams face in recruiting and how to overcome them:


The medical device industry changes constantly, as do the complex regulations that govern every step of its work. Marketing professionals need to be curious, self-driven learners who can pick up on subtle changes and incorporate them seamlessly into marketing.

Hiring managers can screen for candidates with these skills by looking for those who describe a passion for learning. Interview questions like “What was the last complex product change you had to communicate to customers, and how did you do it?” can help.


Medical recruiting often faces a long recruitment cycle – but the longer the cycle goes on, the more likely it is the best candidates will accept a competitor’s offer.

Recruiting firms specialize in helping their clients find ways to shorten the hiring cycle without sacrificing candidate quality or considered choice. Talk to your staffing firm for help.


The top medical marketing talent you need might not be where your company is located. Which professionals are willing to move, and how can you reach them?

Placing job ads locally or in a nationwide “scattershot” fashion is often inefficient and costly. Fortunately, recruiters that focus on medical marketing can tap into a nationwide network of contacts and immediately filter those who are willing to move from those who won’t say “yes” even if you offer.


The best medical marketing recruitment processes plan ahead. For hiring managers new to the process, however, long-term strategic staffing can seem daunting.

With your staffing firm’s help, creating and implementing a long-term staffing strategy becomes easier. Your recruiter can provide advice and help you create and implement a plan that ensures you have the candidate pool you need when you need it.

At SMR Group Ltd, our recruiters specialize in helping medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech companies meet the challenges of finding top-notch marketing and sales talent. To learn more about recruiting in the medical field, contact us today.

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