Both recent college graduates in sales and marketing and seasoned professionals in these fields know that marketing and sales are about telling stories, making connections, and supporting customers’ needs and vision. But what are the best industries in which to apply these skills?

Three Hot Industries for Sales and Marketing Professionals to Work In:


The pharmaceutical industry continues to grow and expand, playing an essential role in healthcare and conducting some of the most exciting research today. Sales and marketing staff in the pharmaceutical industry work to share this research and its results with both healthcare professionals and the general public, providing information that can save lives and vastly improve the quality of lives.


Biotechnology promises a wide range of changes in the way we work, live, eat and experience medical care. From biologic medications to applications in agriculture and even data processing, biotech’s frontiers seem boundless – but the exciting stories present in the industry can be tough for non-science-minded audiences to access. Sales and marketing professionals help bridge that gap, sharing the boundless potential of biotech with audiences in order to improve lives and sustain the industry.

Medical Devices

The term “medical device” covers a vast range of items, from a simple adhesive bandage to complex implants that support or replace human body functions. Like pharmaceuticals and biotech, the medical device industry continues to grow, and the items it develops continue to improve the quality of healthcare for millions of people. Sales and marketing professionals in the medical device industry share this information with customers and the public, helping medical device companies reach the people who can benefit most from their work.

While all three industries focus heavily on scientific detail, sales and marketing staff in these industries don’t require a science background to thrive. Curiosity and a willingness to keep learning can help marketing and sales teams ensure they’re telling the most compelling story about the products and industries they support.

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