The 10x Rule, pioneered by author Grant Cardone, promotes outstanding work and results with a simple concept: What if you multiplied everything by 10? What impact would it have on your goals?

The 10x Rule has two simple aspects:

  • expect each goal you set to take 10x the effort you think it will; and
  • aim for 10x the results of your current goal to end in a better place long term.

By setting “10 times” expectations in both directions, marketing professionals can achieve extraordinary career results. Here’s how.

10x the Effort

Start by planning that every goal you reach will need ten times the effort you think. For instance, if you think you can land an interview by sending ten resumes, plan to send 100. If you believe you can earn a promotion in six months, account for 60 months instead.

By looking ten times further, you develop more patience when challenges arise and set your work ethic to slow, steady effort over the long haul. You also position yourself to see and seize more opportunities for long-term success than you would while focused on a shorter-term goal.

10x the Results

While setting goals, multiply the results you want to achieve by ten times as well. For instance, if you want to earn $10,000 in bonuses this year, make it $100,000. If you want to attend at least one family holiday this year without being interrupted by work, decide you’ll attend 10 in this way.

When you add an order of magnitude to your goals, you change your approach as well. You won’t earn $100,000 in bonuses in the same way you’d go about earning $10,000. Making it to ten family holidays with all your work squared away requires a different approach to your daily tasks than simply making it to one family holiday with nothing else on your mind.

The 10x Rule is often applied to professional settings, because it’s easy to find quantifiable efforts and goals to multiply. Yet it can be applied to qualitative goals as well, like personal relationships. The result is the fulfillment of the adage: “Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

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