When staffing firms ask hiring managers about hiring superstar employees, one response appears over and over: “We’d love to do that, but we just don’t have the budget.”

Many companies believe they can’t afford to hire their industry’s top talent. In fact, most companies can’t afford not to do so.

Sales and marketing A-players help your team and company not only reach their goals but reach far beyond them as well. That’s because these professionals are often their own biggest cheerleaders and harshest critics. They set highly ambitious goals for themselves, and they show everyone around them that planning for ten times the effort can pay off with ten times the results.

To bring superstar employees onto your team, employ the 10x Rule in your hiring process:

Plan for ten times the effort.

If your ordinary hiring process produces ordinary hires, start planning for a hiring process that requires ten times the effort. If you ordinarily view 50 resumes, plan to view 500. If you ordinarily interview five people, plan to interview 50.

Chances are good that you won’t interview 50 candidates to find your superstar. But you’ll have the patience and focus necessary to do so. You’ll have the commitment to finding the best candidate rather than the “good enough” candidate. And you’ll have the time you need to ensure your next hire is truly outstanding.

Envision ten times the results.

How much does your average team member add to the company’s bottom line every year? Multiply that number by ten and make it the basis of your vision for your next hire.

By doing this, you change your perspective on what “outstanding” work and candidates look like. A sales or marketing professional who brings in $5,000,000 worth of business in a year has very different methods than one who brings in only $500,000. When you multiply your expectations by ten, you start to look for different qualities in candidates; qualities that will help them shoot for the moon and land among the stars.

Get the help you need.

Your staffing partner can help you ensure you’re offering a strong employment brand, competitive compensation and a streamlined hiring process that your 10x candidates want and need. Don’t hesitate to ask for help when seeking superstar employees.

The recruiting team at SMR Group Ltd can help you attract, hire and retain the sales and marketing superstars you need to 10x your results. We work closely with clients in the biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Contact us today to learn more.

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