Even the most dedicated, passionate employees appreciate being acknowledged. Employee appreciation proves their contribution to the team and the company matters. Their hard work is noticed, and the team would not be the same without them.

Employers don’t need to break the bank in order to express appreciation in meaningful ways. Here are five thoughtful ways to show support for your teams from day to day.

  1. Give them time to pursue their own projects.

A few hours every week or month to work on any project they like can mean the world to driven professionals. It says, “We believe in what you’re doing so much we want you to run with your ideas.”

Bonus: Ideas that work well often get incorporated into the team’s regular routine, improving results.

  1. Cater their lunch.

Food is used to express care and community in cultures throughout the world. Busy sales and marketing teams often don’t have the time to linger over a nutritious and delicious lunch. Catering lunch during busy times helps teams unwind, connect with one another and feel supported by the company. It’s a simple way to demonstrate their employer cares about them.

  1. Connect appreciation to your company culture.

If your company culture emphasizes health and wellness, connect employee appreciation to this vision by offering health- and wellness-related perks, like the ability to work outdoors in the summer or the chance to grab a free shoulder massage between clients. By connecting appreciation ideas to your company’s core values, you reinforce those values while also demonstrating to your staff their employer walks the talk.

  1. Share the wealth.

Make employee appreciation a team effort. Ask staff members for ideas for appreciation offerings. Once a week, gather staff for a “compliment circle” in which every member of the team offers a genuine compliment to another team member for something they’ve done during the week. It’s a great way to build goodwill and accountability among team members.

  1. Shout out on social media.

Social media connects people in unprecedented ways. It’s also a great place to build an employment brand that attracts like-minded individuals to your job application process.

Whenever you recognize an employee for a job well done, give them praise on social media. It’s free, it takes only a few seconds and it boosts your company’s employment brand while also boosting your team’s morale.

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