The data is in: Diversity makes workplaces stronger.

To boost diversity in the workplace, a more inclusive approach to hiring is a must. Yet many managers are uncertain how to make hiring more inclusive, even when they embrace the importance of diversity in the workplace.

Here are three strategies to boost the inclusion in your hiring process and ensure you’re reaching all the best candidates:

  1. Think access.

It’s easy to think of job postings, applicant tracking systems, phone calls and interview venues as “accessible” when we can access them ourselves. However, limiting the definition of “access” in this way automatically excludes those who don’t share the traits we have for access.

Instead, look at each stage of your hiring process from multiple angles, asking, “What do I need to have in order to access this process?” Then, find ways to make that stage accessible with as few prerequisite as possible. For instance, job postings could be presented in both text and audio formats. An applicant tracking system could be programmed to include voice prompts or streamlined to gather only a few essential pieces of information. Candidates could choose whether to communicate by phone or email.

  1. Employ anonymity.

Unconscious biases can push hiring managers toward candidates who are more like them, even if the hiring manager believes the bias won’t be an issue. To sneak your best candidates past unconscious bias, use an application system that anonymizes names and addresses for the first round of resume screening.

This way, you’ll be examining candidates based on their skills and accomplishments, rather than on any preexisting ideas you have about people who share their first name or who live in a particular area of town. Anonymity at this stage allows hiring managers to focus on ability, improving your chance of finding quality candidates.

  1. Work with a recruiter.

Choose a staffing firm with a commitment to inclusion and a passion for connecting the best candidate with the best company above all. Your recruiter can help you improve inclusion in your hiring process, spot places where candidates “drop out,” and ensure you’re taking a skills-focused approach to finding the best people for the job.

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