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How to Identify a Skills Gap in Your Marketing Team (and what you should do!)

September 16th, 2014

Even when your company is fully staffed, you can suffer skills gaps that can prevent you from maximizing your bottom line. Creating strategies to identify and address these gaps can ensure business success.

Where are you now?

Determine whether your current are goals being met. Do you have enough employees — and are they the right people? Do you need to hire new people or can you offer training to your current staff to ensure that their skills are up-to-date?

Where are you going?

Do you have enough staff for future plans? Can you cover any expansion of your territories? Decide what skill sets anticipated product launches, new technologies or initiatives will require so that you can add people to your team that have the background and skills you require for success.

How can you address any shortfalls?
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Helping Your Top Talent Thrive

August 15th, 2014

Not all employees function equally – no matter how much managers and executives would like them to do so. In any successful organization, a large base of steady, capable, focused individuals support a much smaller group of “superstars,” who tend to produce the innovations that drive the company forward.

You can’t survive without the “steadies.” But you can’t maximize your competitive stance without thriving top talent. How do you create an environment that nurtures both – keeping your steady staff secure while freeing top talent to thrive?

Know Your Talent

Not all top talent-whether established professionals or “rising stars”-is created equally. But top players tend to share certain characteristics. These include: Read the rest of this entry »

Striking a Balance in Your Management Style

July 27th, 2014

Nobody likes a manager who is all business all the time – but nobody respects a manager who only tries to be “fun.” In fact, the most effective managers know when to guide in a lighthearted manner and when to be serious.

How can you strike a balance in your management style so your team members accomplish their goals, but still feel as though they can approach you? Consider the following tips:

  1. Provide clear directions, expectations, and feedback. The best managers are often good teachers. They know how to explain clearly what their team members should do, they model the proper outcome, and then they stand back and let their team members try it – and offer feedback both on what went right and what needs improvement.
    When your employees understand clearly what they need to do, it’s easier for them to do it. When they know what success looks like, it’s easier for them to succeed. When you provide this information clearly and concisely, it’s easiest for your team members to trust you to communicate effectively in the future.

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Are You Interviewing Too Many “Applicants”?

July 10th, 2014

Interviewing offers your company a chance to get to know a people one on one and discover their value proposition for the job. Typically this interview is the only chance hiring managers get to evaluate people before a crucial hiring decision is made.

Consequently, many hiring managers seek to fit in as many interviews as time will allow, assuming that the more candidates they can interview, the better their chances of finding the right fit. Many hiring managers who go this route are disappointed when none of the candidates seem like “the one” or when they cannot come to an agreement on which candidate they should choose.

The solution is to focus on spending time with a sufficient number of qualified “top quality candidates”, rather than a high quantity of “ill-qualified applicants”.

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