Understanding the Key Role Your Talent Plays in Your (and Your Company’s) Success



Today’s employers often find themselves in a battle for talent in a tight market. Is it worth the stress, time and expense involved to recruit top talent? What is the full extent of the impact talent has on your organization? Consider the many benefits Top talent can deliver. High performers encourage others to “play up.”… Read more »

Mediocrity in Hiring: 6 Pitfalls and Solutions



When the talent market or budgets are tight, it’s easy to let standards slip and settle for “good enough” hires. But subpar employees can impact your business – a lot. It’s worth taking the time and expense to get it right the first time rather than taking shortcuts. Here’s why: It lowers morale. Top performers… Read more »

8 Reasons to Use a Marketing Recruiting Firm



When it comes to marketing, finding (and keeping) the best talent is essential to building the best campaigns.  Here are eight ways a recruiting firm that specializes in marketing professionals can help: They know the best people. Recruiters specialize in building relationships with all the best talent in the industries they serve. When they seek… Read more »

6 Questions Every Marketing Manager Should Ask Themselves



Hiring can be a stressful, resource-sucking distraction from your real work – or it can be an opportunity to revitalize your team and exceed your wildest expectations.  The difference?  Viewing your hiring processes with a critical eye – and being willing to ask tough questions. Here are six questions every marketing manager should ask to… Read more »

7 Tips to Successfully Hire for Potential



Increasingly, employers hear they should hire for attitude and potential and train for skills. Sounds like a great plan, but how can you achieve it? How can you identify potential and develop that potential to its fullest in your company? Here are 7 tips that will help you hire for potential. Ask the right questions…. Read more »

Don’t Make These Onboarding Mistakes When Adding to Your Sales Team


SMR-SocialSharing_Dont Make These Onboarding Mistakes When Adding to Your Sales team

Good onboarding can bring your new people “up to speed” more quickly, allowing them to contribute and giving them a confidence boost.  Poor onboarding has the opposite effect: It leaves your new hires feeling confused, lost, and concerned that they may have taken the wrong job. To keep your people and encourage them to contribute… Read more »

6 Things Hindering Your Ability to Hire Great Sales and Marketing Professionals


SMR-SocialSharing_6 Things Hindering Your Ability to Hire Great Sales and Marketing Professionals

The medical device, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries are booming – and so is their need for outstanding sales and marketing professionals.  Increased demand for this talent, however, also means increased competition. If you’re having trouble finding the sales and marketing people you want, ask yourself if these six hurdles are standing in your way: Vague… Read more »

5 Signs a Candidate Has Leadership Potential



All hiring managers are looking for candidates who can do the job today.  But the best hiring managers – and the best companies – know that to improve retention, productivity, and company culture, they need candidates who will turn into the company’s next great leaders.  Here are five signs that the candidate you’re interviewing today… Read more »

Don’t Make These Four Common Hiring Mistakes



Hiring can make or break an organization. Choose the right people and your business will operate like a well-oiled machine. Pick the wrong candidates and you’ll be mired in correcting underperformers or hiring and training their replacements. All of which cost you time and money that could be better spent elsewhere. Avoid these four mistakes… Read more »

Can’t Decide Between Two Great Sales Candidates? This Article Is For You



Here you are, stuck with a dilemma. You’ve got two top candidates for an open sales position. Either one has the potential to make a great addition to the team. So which do you choose? It’s a great problem to have – but that doesn’t make it less stressful. If you’re having trouble deciding between… Read more »