“The team with the best players wins”, stated Jack Welch, renowned former CEO of General Electric and management guru.

High-quality hires are crucial to the short- and long-term success of your organization.  Consequently, it’s in a company’s best interest to hire the best people at all times, especially for revenue and profit production positions in sales and marketing.

Partnering with a best practices hiring-client centric staffing partner can help you improve the quality of your hires.  You can also improve hiring outcomes by recognizing the most critical reasons that companies fail to find and retain the quality talent they need, and then taking corrective steps to remedy deficiencies.

Five threats to hiring quality your company should identify and fix include:

  1. Not interviewing a large enough high-quality candidate pool. Companies can only hire from among the candidates they have.  If your candidate pool isn’t large enough or doesn’t consist of sufficient high-quality candidates to yield the talent you need, your outcomes will be adversely impacted.  It is your staffing partner’s job to help you create a larger, higher-quality candidate pool by seeking out both active and passive job candidates unknown to you and your company.
  2. Failing to identify the values, skills, and competencies a successful candidate needs. No company can find the candidates it needs until it is clear on what its needs are, yet many companies try to hire without a clear job description or a clear understanding of the values, skills, and competencies a certain position requires.  Before launching a candidate search, spend some time creating a clear, detailed job description.  Communicate the job requirements to your recruiter to ensure the candidates your recruiter finds have what you need.
  3. Lacking interview skills. The importance of the interview in choosing a candidate cannot be overemphasized.  Yet many managers are asked to conduct interviews little or no skills training.  Poor interview skills lead to lower-quality interviews, which will result in lower-quality hires.  Ensure interviewing managers know how to conduct effective interviews to improve the quality of candidates chosen.
  4. Deficient onboarding, training, and development. Hired candidates who receive effective and thorough onboarding, training, and development conquer the “learning curve” sooner, feel more like part of the team, and integrate more successfully into the company’s culture.
  5. Ineffective ongoing coaching and leadership. Making a high-quality hire doesn’t end when the company extends a job offer, or even when the candidate joins the team.  The employment relationship is like a marriage: the parties get out of it what they put in, and the best ones are built through ongoing mutual commitment and focus.  Ensure your people have what they need to perform at their best with empowering mentoring and professional coaching and development programs.

At SMR Group, our skilled recruiters can help you identify and avoid threats to your hiring outcomes, improving your chances of finding and keeping the star talent you’re seeking.  Contact us today to learn more how we can help you find the talent your business needs!


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