When your job postings aren’t drawing in the candidates you need, your hiring manager’s first impulse might be to expand the search to draw in more applicants.  However, a larger candidate pool is not necessarily a better one.  To improve the quality of the applicant pool and reduce the stress and costs of hiring, consider creating a strategic staffing plan with the help of your staffing partner.

What Does a Strategic Staffing Plan Do?

A strategic staffing plan identifies your company’s likely hiring needs in the short and long term.  It also provides processes and plans for finding the talent your company needs when that talent is needed.

Strategic staffing plans help companies plan for their staffing needs.  When the time comes to hire, job postings and searches can be targeted to find the quality applicants you need without overwhelming hiring managers.

How Can My Staffing Partner Help?

Your staffing partner can help your organization create a strategic staffing plan.  The plan will be based on information you provide to your staffing partner, like your company’s business plan and projected growth.  It will also draw on the staffing partner’s extensive knowledge of your industry and the candidates available for the positions your organization will need to fill.

Your staffing partner can help you build better candidate pools in several ways:

  • By helping your organization create a strategic staffing plan,
  • By matching your organization’s job postings to candidates who have the skills and experience you’re looking for,
  • By handling the “prescreening” and reference-check processes, reducing your overall time to hire while improving the quality of candidates,
  • By tapping into the “passive-job-seeker” candidate pool, in which candidates may not be actively seeking a new job but will take the right opportunity if it is presented.  These candidates offer an unparalleled source of talent and drive, but rarely respond to conventional job ads.

By increasing the number of candidates with the “on-target profile” your company needs, you increase the probability of a top-quality hire.  It’s that simple!

The experienced staffing partners at SMR Group can help your company create a strategic staffing plan that addresses both your short-term and long-term needs.  Contact us today to learn more!


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