Productivity and fulfillment go hand in hand. When you’re pouring your resources into worthwhile endeavors, you’re more likely to enjoy your work while you maximize your impact at the same time.

If you’ve been feeling “stuck” lately, or like you’re not doing your best work, it might be time for a career tune-up. Here’s how to get started on making your career more productive and fulfilling:

  1. Re-enter the “beginner’s mind.” “Beginner’s mind” is a Zen Buddhist concept that asks you to look at a situation as if you are seeing it for the first time. Here, it means remembering why you embarked on your current career in the first place. What first attracted you to your field? Why did you look at this career path and say “Yes, this is it!” Remembering what excited you about your current work can help you seize new opportunities or re-kindle former projects that excited you, but fell by the wayside.
  1. Look problems in the eye. It’s not fun to admit that you don’t get along with your boss, that you’re frustrated about not being promoted, or that you just don’t like your current co-workers. But pretending any problems you face don’t exist simply drains valuable energy you could be using to build a more fulfilling and productive career. Instead, be honest about the problems that exist, and start looking for new approaches to dealing with them. Maybe it’s time for a heart to heart with your boss – or maybe it’s time to talk to an experienced recruiter in your field about opportunities at other companies.
  1. Focus on what matters. Where do you get the most done with the least effort? What projects net you the biggest personal and professional rewards? Make a list of everything you do from day to day and then rank it accordingly. The list will help you focus on the most productive tasks, and it may give you ideas for delegating less-productive ones, streamlining them, or scheduling them for times when they won’t take up your “peak” energy.

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