It’s the best of problems; it’s the worst of problems: after a long hiring process, you’re facing a choice between two equally qualified, outstanding sales or marketing candidates. Either person would make a great addition to your team. So whom do you choose?

While having such a strong candidate pool is great, making the “final call” between two great candidates can be tough. Here are a few questions to help you make the final decision:

Who offers the better cultural fit?

Set credentials, education, and experience aside for a moment and ask: Which of the candidates will mesh best with your organization’s mission, goals, and ways of approaching business? For instance, in a workplace that prizes independent thinking and problem solving, a candidate who prefers a more collaborative, team-oriented approach may not be as comfortable as one who is already confident in his or her own decision-making. A candidate who fits well is more likely to stay with the company in the long term, so don’t underestimate the importance of fit.

Which candidate is more likely to grow professionally within your company?

If you’re filling a long-term sales or marketing position, it’s important to think about which candidate has the skills, experience, motivation, or potential to grow professionally in and with your company. For instance, a candidate with an international background or fluency in multiple languages may prove invaluable if your company has long-term plans to expand business overseas.

Is there time for another interview?

Depending on your position in the process and your timeline, there may be an opportunity to ask the top two candidates to interview once more. Focus this interview on behavioral questions that explore how the candidate will actually respond in the job. Other options include inviting both to a day of job-shadowing, so you can see how they mesh with prospective co-workers and respond to questions that arise during a normal workday in your company’s sales and marketing department.

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