Passionate sales people know their value. Often, their goal is not merely to find a sales position, but to find one with a company that supports their innate drive and their proven methods of success. When you work in medical device sales, you also possess a great deal of specialized knowledge about products, companies, and potential buyers – information that can be highly valuable to the right employer.

Whether you’re looking to switch employers or to reenter the work world, a recruiter who specializes in placing sales staff in the medical device industry can help. Here’s how:

  1. Recruiters cultivate specialized networks. Salespeople pride themselves on the professional networks they’ve built over their careers – and so do recruiters. When you partner with a recruiter who specializes in placing medical device sales professionals, your network instantly expands to include every company, department, and hiring manager your recruiter knows. Leverage this connection to move your resume to the top of the stack.
  2. Recruiters have the “inside scoop” on many jobs. Many job openings never appear in front of the public. Often, companies will conduct a confidential search or simply reach out to their own networks – including staffing firms – before making a job post public. Recruiters see these openings before the general public does and can ensure your application is one of the first through the door.
  3. Recruiters have the “inside scoop” on employers. Not only do recruiters specialize in building networks, they also specialize in deepening the connections between themselves and key companies and people in the industries they serve. This means that your recruiter is likely to be someone that local medical device companies know and trust. When your recruiter recommends you as a potential candidate, these companies will listen.
  4. Recruiters can network confidentially, if needed. If you’re already employed but are looking for a new position, you know that juggling a job search and your daily responsibilities can be tricky. Your recruiter can help you connect to new jobs confidentially; sharing your information only if you give the go-ahead.
  5. Recruiters have the latest salary information. What sort of base salary is competitive in the medical device sales industry? What would be appropriate in this job? What kind of compensation structure offers you the best rewards for exceeding the company’s expectations? Gathering this information can be time-intensive if you attempt it alone – but your recruiter already has the data on hand.

At SMR Group LTD, our recruiters specialize in matching driven sales and marketing professionals with top companies in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Contact us today to learn more.

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