Your sales staff work hard to achieve each quarter’s sales goals. Events like holidays, vacations, or beautiful summer weather beckoning outside the window can all cause distractions and slumps in motivation – but they don’t have to. Here are five ways to show your sales staff you appreciate their hard work and that you notice when they succeed.

  1. Be more flexible with flextime. Especially during the summer months, flextime is a great way to show employees you care while still encouraging them to get their work done. Sales staff can thrive particularly on flextime, since it allows them to put in the effort with a client when it will pay off and “make up” their off-work hours when it won’t jeopardize a key relationship.
  2. Give public and personal recognition. Even a simple “thank you, great job!” spoken in front of the rest of the team will do wonders for an overachiever’s morale. For “landmark” moments, have supervisors and executives sign a handwritten note thanking a sales staff member for a major accomplishment.
  3. Reward effort as well as success. Not all ideas pan out. But if sales staff aren’t generating ideas on a regular basis, it isn’t possible for the team to discover what works and what doesn’t. Consider offering a “best idea that didn’t work” award periodically, and thank employees for engaging in a spirit of innovation and adventure.
  4. Create a traveling work group. Encourage sales teams to get out of the office while still getting work done by setting up a walkathon. Each team sets goals for walking a certain number of steps each day, with a prize for the team that walks the furthest. Since sales teams will be walking together, they gain more chances to swap ideas while generating fresh insight in a new location and with the benefit of exercise.
  5. Encourage independent projects. Top performers rise to the top because they have ideas, and they often have the motivation to pursue them if given the freedom. Create the opportunity by soliciting ideas and giving employees space to work on them.

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