Medical sales is a fast-paced, competitive career, and these are precisely the attributes that attract so many sales professionals to medical sales jobs.  If you’re looking for a way to advance your medical sales career from your own phone, Twitter might be the tool you need.

Twitter’s creators describe it as a “real-time short messaging system that works over multiple networks and devices.” Posts are limited to 140 characters, including spaces and punctuation. Posts on Twitter (called “tweets”) can include images, links, quotations of other tweets and even short polls.

Here are some key ways to use Twitter to advance your medical sales career:

  1. Follow the experts. You’ll want to start with your own company and its high-ranking executives – but you won’t want to stop there. Also consider adding current and potential customers and the superstar salespeople in your industry.  In this way, you’ll make your Twitter feed a one-stop shop for breaking news, interesting leads and connection to influential individuals.  Don’t forget to add your recruiter!
  2. Share news. Sharing news can be as simple as retweeting announcements from your own team or company, or making a few announcements of your own. When you share industry news, you both become a source of information for your followers and demonstrate you’re interested in the original poster’s words.  It’s a two-way connection with the click of a button.
  3. Join the conversation. Conversations on “hot topics” abound on Twitter. While the 140-character count may seem limiting, it hasn’t stopped some of the biggest political, entrepreneurial and social conversations of the day from being carried out on the platform.  Sharpen your skills at communicating clearly and concisely while you also engage directly with some of the biggest names in your industry.  Start a tweet with the “@” symbol followed by a person’s username to communicate with them directly.  Want to say something in private?  Use Twitter’s direct-message (DM) feature to send a tweet only the recipient can read.

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