The biotech industry is booming, which means that many outstanding sales and marketing professionals are building strong careers there.  If you are seeking a job in biotech, it’s important to showcase not only your quantifiable results, but also the “soft” or transferable skills that ensure you can keep producing similar results in the future.

Six soft skills that are currently highly valued in biotech candidates include:


Biotech moves quickly.  As a result, many of the old methods of getting results don’t work, and many of the new methods have yet to be discovered.  The more creative and innovative you are, the more likely it is you’ll thrive in an industry where creativity is prized and innovation is a daily byword.


Sales and marketing have always required a certain degree of flexibility, especially when dealing directly with purchasers.  In biotech, this flexibility must also be applied to ongoing changes in product specs, scientific understanding and legal regulations.


Every new change in the science behind biotech products means new innovations, new changes and a new end result for sales and marketing teams to promote.  The best way to stay ahead of the curve is to get curious.  What’s coming down the pipeline?  What big questions are research teams trying to solve?  What do your customers need the most – what are their biggest challenges?  Cultivate a “leave no stone unturned” approach to thrive on the job.

(Balanced) Drive

Sales and marketing professionals tend to share a drive for results and an inner motivation that pushes them to beat last quarter’s numbers, no matter what.  Possessing this drive is a must – but you’ll do better in the long run if you balance it with time taken to relax, recharge and tend to your own needs.  Create a work-life balance that gives you the energy to be creative and relentless when you need to be.


What are your most efficient activities each day?  Is your paperwork in order?  How are your numbers looking?  By staying organized and keeping track of this information, you put yourself in a position to excel – and you demonstrate to employers you can help them excel as well.

Big-Picture Comprehension

Any sales or marketing person can focus on the next customer or the next campaign.  The ones who are most prized by their employers, however, are the ones who can see how the next project fits into the company’s big-picture, overall goals.  Use your curiosity to learn more about where the company wants to go, and tailor your work to contribute.

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