Have you just launched a career in medical sales? If so, congratulations! You have years of opportunities to look forward to as you build your career. And if you’re like most medical sales professionals, you’re driven to start out on the right foot.

Here are some tips on building a successful career in medical sales:

Always follow through.

Business is the process of making promises and commitments.  You agree to look up some information, return phone calls, set up a meeting, fax a specification sheet…the list goes on.

One thing that will guarantee you stand out from your colleagues is following through on every commitment, every time. If you agree to do it, do it.  You’ll build a reputation for reliability that will make you the go-to person for everyone on your team – and for an ever-increasing list of customers.

Learn, learn, learn.

Candidates who are familiar with the medical industry and the company are more attractive to interviewers. Once you’ve landed the job, you’ll need to be learning constantly about your company’s products, services, research and ideas that are in development.

The more you know about what your company does, the better you are able to take advantage of new opportunities. You’ll also be able to communicate more effectively with potential and current customers, improving your sales performance.

Network smarter, not harder.

Handing out your business card to a hundred new contacts will do you little good if 99 of those cards wind up in the trash, at the bottom of a briefcase or lost under the driver’s seat with the gum wrappers and stale French fries. To move forward, you’ll want to network in ways that matter.

Make it a point to stay connected by meeting up with a member of your professional network at least once per month. Connect for lunch, coffee or simply a long phone call.  Get caught up with one person a month, and you’ll be far more likely to hear about new opportunities and news from your network. Don’t forget to include your recruiter in this process – a “how are you?” email a few times a year will help you stay connected to your recruiter’s network as well, which can open up a world of opportunities.

At SMR Group Ltd, our recruiters can help you connect to a network of some of the best performers in medical device sales – and climb the career ladder with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about our medical devices sales job opportunities.

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