When you’re looking for sales or marketing talent, the person you choose to find a new team member is as crucial to the process as the candidate you eventually hire. And as in many business decisions, your choice of people to put on your team is ultimately up to you.

Here’s a list of people to include in the hiring process:

Hiring Manager

Hiring should start with the direct supervisor for the position—but it shouldn’t end there. When you leave hiring managers solely responsible for hiring, you may end up with a biotech company that has as many hiring processes as it does managers. Such a state of affairs is inefficient and can lead to significant inconsistencies among teams and departments.

On the other hand, leaving the hiring manager out completely runs the risk of hiring someone whose skills and approach to work offer a poor fit with the day-to-day demands of the job and the team tasked to do it. For these details, your hiring manager’s input is essential.

Managers From Related Departments

Sales and marketing are closely related departments that may collaborate on a weekly or even daily basis. Therefore, it makes sense to include a marketing manager’s input on sales candidates, and vice versa. Managers from other departments can provide perspective on the broader purposes of the organization and share insight on how well a candidate may support the company’s mission and goals.


Including prospective team members in the hiring process offers several benefits. First, employees can help provide “day-to-day” perspective supervisors do not have. They can also serve as your company’s best salespeople, encouraging top candidates to put your company first and providing a realistic view of a day on the job.

Your Recruiter

Including different perspectives from within your company can greatly improve your hiring. Including at least one “outside” perspective can also improve matters—if it’s the right perspective.

A recruiter who specializes in placing professionals in your industry has the deep knowledge and background to find the best candidates for the job and recommend those who offer a strong cultural fit in addition to the skills your biotech company needs to reach its goals.

At SMR Group Ltd, our recruiters specialize in working closely with your hiring team to help you find the best sales and marketing talent. Contact us today to learn more.

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