When you’re hiring biotech sales professionals, it’s important to look for those who have not only the on-paper qualifications, but also the traits that help sales staff thrive in a competitive environment. Here are five traits of outstanding salespeople that can help your next biotech sales candidate achieve new heights.

Curiosity and Drive

The best sales professionals are those who don’t rest until they’ve caught “the big one”—and the moment they do, they’re off looking for an even bigger one to catch. Curiosity and drive combine in outstanding biotech sales talent to produce someone who will keep searching for strong contacts and pushing to make the sale.

Discipline and Follow-Through

Restlessly searching for “the big one” will help your biotech sales staff find one—but without the discipline and perseverance to follow through, few will land the deal. Look for staff who pair the excitement of finding a great lead with the determination to follow it to realization.


Does the candidate “bounce back” when faced with defeat? Do they refuse to take “no” for an answer, instead looking for another way to address the issue, remove roadblocks or answer questions? Rejection is par for the course in a salesperson’s day, so choose candidates who see “no” as an opportunity, not a setback.


Some sales staff rely solely on their charisma to win over clients and customers. Salespeople who use empathy, however, build stronger relationships over time, as they learn to understand, relate and respond to client and customer needs. Choose biotech sales staff who can make clients and customers feel as if they have made a friend, not merely a business contact.

People Skills

The ability to read social cues, converse easily and show patience and respect is essential for any salesperson, whose job involves building and maintaining relationships. In a sea of biotech sales candidates who know how to talk, look for candidates who know how to listen.

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