Develop a Medical Marketing Elevator Pitch That Will Land You the Job

Medical marketing remains one of the most exciting and fastest-growing fields for marketing professionals. A strong “elevator pitch” not only shows off your marketing skills, it gives you the opportunity to think about what matters most to you and to distill it to its essential elements.

The best elevator pitches aren’t just given as short speeches, either; they also make great copy for a resume header or LinkedIn summary. A well-crafted elevator pitch helps build your personal brand while focusing on your core goals.

To craft a spot-on medical marketing elevator pitch:

Define the problem you can solve.

Jot down a list of the projects you’ve most enjoyed working on. Then, compare them to spot common problems, issues or focus areas. These commonalities point toward the marketing challenges you most like to solve – and the list of projects provides evidence that you’ve learned how to solve them.

Refine these challenges to a single sentence that focuses on your core career goal or skills. Although you’re likely to solve other problems in your career, your elevator pitch should go to the heart of what you love most.

Define yourself as the solution.

The list of your favorite projects contains another common element: How you contributed to the solution. Repeat the same steps you used to find your core challenge and add a second sentence to your elevator pitch: How your skills, passions or contributions address those challenges effectively.

Know what medical marketing teams need.

You know what challenges excite you and which abilities let you rise to meet them. Now, it’s time to look at your elevator pitch from a medical marketing manager’s perspective. What do you offer this field, team or company?

While this portion of your pitch should change when it’s addressed to a specific company or manager, having a strong line about your benefits in medical contexts can help you sell your skills on LinkedIn or at networking events.

Create a one-sentence version.

“So, what do you do for a living?” is one of the most common “getting to know you” questions. Filtering your elevator pitch down to one sentence not only helps you focus the pitch itself, it gives you a fun and compelling way to answer this question – whether you’re employed, looking for a new position or both.

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