Building a strong network is a must for any sales professional. Your network can help you find outstanding job opportunities and keep you informed about your industry, improving your value to your employer and your own skill on the job.

Here are five ways to build a network that will help you succeed:

Network smarter, not harder.

Handing your business card to 500 people won’t help you much if 498 of them have no connection to the medical industry or to sales. Instead, work on staying in touch with your current contacts and asking them to make introductions for you. At networking events, focus on having a meaningful conversation with a few people, instead of “working the room” until you’re just another forgettable face.

Maintain your current network.

During your job hunt, set aside one day a week to reconnect with a current professional colleague. Offer to meet for coffee, lunch or a walk, or make time for a phone call. You’ll deepen a relationship and hear news you may not receive any other way.

Don’t overlook LinkedIn.

LinkedIn can help you build strong connections while transcending geographic or time boundaries. Join LinkedIn groups that focus on your interests, read them daily, and contribute when you have a good point to add to a conversation. You’ll build your reputation as someone with trustworthy info while staying on top of news in your field.

Be a fan.

Attend seminars held by people in the medical sales field whose work you admire. Afterward, speak to them briefly or send an email sharing your thoughts about the seminar and thanking them for their insight. Doing so can help you build relationships and add another valuable contact to your network.

Choose the right recruiter.

Your recruiter should specialize in placing sales professionals like you with companies you dream of working for. If your recruiter’s reach is too broad (or too narrow), you won’t receive optimal support or insight as you search for a new job – or after you’ve found the company of your dreams.

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