Every marketing professional needs a solid cover letter, and the biotech field is no exception. Your cover letter provides a glimpse into your work and your professional vision that a resume can support, but cannot match.

A well-organized letter with impeccable spelling and grammar is just the beginning. To stand out from competing candidates in a biotech marketing context, pay attention to these three points of your letter as well:

Consistency and Branding

Your cover letter shouldn’t repeat your resume, but it should read as an extension of your resume. Make sure both documents use similar wording, and that the points you expand upon in your cover letter reflect those summarized in your resume. When put together, both documents should build a single consistent professional “brand” that focuses on your strengths and the benefits of hiring you.

While ensuring consistency and branding in your cover letter, don’t neglect formatting. Your cover letter and resume should use similar fonts and layout to indicate that they “belong” together as part of a single package.


As all marketing professionals know, people respond to and remember stories more easily than they do lists of facts. Hiring managers are no exception. Use your cover letter to tell the story of one or two of the most impressive bullet points on your resume. Keep the story short and to the point, but don’t hesitate to use an animated tone and express your sincere enthusiasm for the success your story reflects.

Call to Action

A surprising number of biotech marketing professionals write outstanding cover letters, only to neglect a call to action. By inserting one or two lines about what you want the hiring manager to do next, you make it easy for that manager to move from reading to action. “Please contact me so we can speak further” is a simple call to action that can help get results.

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