Biotech is a fast-moving field, which means technical knowledge quickly becomes obsolete – while the right set of soft skills can rocket you to the top of your sales or marketing career. Here are five soft skills biotech companies crave in their sales and marketing professionals and how to demonstrate them in your application.


Research and development in biotech move relentlessly forward, which means the specifications or details you memorized only a few months ago may already be obsolete. Consequently, a desire to keep learning new material is a must in biotech.

To show off your curiosity, use your cover letter to talk about something new you’ve learned recently in your work. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for learning new things.


Biotech scientists understand the intimate details of their work, but it’s up to the sales and marketing team to communicate the benefits of that work to the world. Clear, engaging communication is essential.

In your application materials, focus on building your own brand with clarity and verve. Communicate the benefits you bring to the company, and you’ll also demonstrate you know how to make a compelling case.

Relationship Building

Whether it’s on a team in the office or with potential customers, relationship building is foundational to strong sales and marketing.

To showcase your own relationship-building skills, use your cover letter and resume to highlight achievements you reached with a team. Talk briefly in these and in your interview about how you coordinated your efforts with others to reach a collective goal.


Sales and marketing professionals often juggle several details at once, and in biotech, the technical details add up quickly.

To show off your organizational skills, have your “ducks in a row” at every stage of the application process. Research the company before you apply, and plan and practice your interview skills before you speak to the hiring manager. Your recruiter can help you stay organized.


If you think “literacy” only deals with reading and writing, think again. Literacy deals with subject matter competency. For sales and marketing teams in biotech, “literacy” encompasses their competency at the details of the products they represent, but also in interpersonal communications, storytelling and more.

Whether you’re new to biotech or seeking a new position in a familiar field, spend some time brushing up on your biotech competency. Read up on new advances, check out how companies are doing, and integrate this knowledge into your application materials. Your recruiter can be an outstanding source of information.

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