When hiring is difficult, you’re not finding the right candidates or the ideal candidates keep dropping out of your process before you can make an offer, it’s tempting to reach out to a recruiter. And that’s a good idea.

But having a recruiter on your side is only the first step. To get the most from your relationship, you’ll need to maintain steady connections with your recruiting partner over the long term. Here’s how.

Communicate regularly.

Make it a point of pride to respond promptly to your recruiter, even if it’s only to acknowledge that you received certain information or that you’re still on track for an upcoming meeting. And when you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your recruiter as well.

Every point of communication contributes to the growth of the relationship. Communicating also helps both you and your recruiter stay on top of essential information that can result in better hires.

Feedback improves the process – always.

Loved a client your recruiter recommended? Let your recruiter know.

Hated a client your recruiter recommended? Let your recruiter know.

Regardless of how the hiring process works out, give your recruiter some feedback. Let them know which candidates you decided to advance to interviews or to give a job offer to and why. Let them know why you didn’t move forward with certain candidates, either – whether your recruiter recommended them.

This information helps your recruiter custom-tailor recommended candidates to your specific needs.

Ask for more than help with candidates.

Staffing firms do much more than simply match candidates with clients’ needs and internal cultures. They also build relationships throughout their respective industries. They stay on top of data and industry trends. And they help their clients make long-term staffing plans to ensure you always have access to outstanding candidates when you need them.

To leverage this valuable information, however, you’ll need to ask your recruiter for help.

At SMR Group Ltd, our recruiters strive to help clients in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industries find the sales and marketing professionals that will help their teams thrive. To learn more, contact us today.

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