Congratulations! You’ve landed a medical sales interview. You’ve got just a few days to polish your presentation and prepare to talk to the hiring manager who will play a significant role in deciding whether to offer you the job.

No pressure, right? There doesn’t have to be. Here are seven last-minute tips to help you stay calm and confident during your upcoming interview:


Throughout the interview process, check in with your physical and emotional state from time to time. If you notice you’re carrying tension in your body or your nerves rising, take a few slow, deep breaths.

Check out the company’s online presence.

Applying for jobs required you to get to know several companies; now, it’s time to get on more familiar terms with this company. Examine their website and social media to learn more about their recent projects, mission and values. Incorporate what you know into your interview discussions.

Review your own application.

Interview nerves can make us “blank” on even the most common information about ourselves. To prevent this, take a second look at your own application materials, including your resume and cover letter. Prepare for your interview in ways that expand on the information these materials.

Meditate on your accomplishments.

What have you achieved in your career to date? Where were your proudest moments? Choose two or three of these to discuss in your interview, including the skills that helped you reach those goals. When you feel nervous, breathe and think about these achievements; they’ll help you refocus your confidence.

Sell yourself.

Interviewers in sales are always looking for candidates who can sell their most important product: themselves. Think about how you’d present an offering to a prospective customer and adapt those skills to building your own case in your interview.

Prepare yourself for interview day.

Reduce stress on the day of the interview by preparing in advance. Choose the clothing you will wear and lay it out the night before. Place copies of your resume and cover letter in a briefcase or folder, along with any other items you wish to bring (like a portfolio). Make sure you know where you’re going and how long it will take to get there and leave extra time in case of traffic or other delays.

Touch base with your recruiter.

Finally, drop your recruiter an email or make a phone call for last-minute support and advice. Your recruiter may be able to provide “insider tips” on acing the interview with the employer.

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