You know you love marketing – or that marketing looks like a natural fit for your passions. But “marketing” is a huge field, encompassing every conceivable product or service and many that are only just being invented. Where do you head next?

If you’re asking this question, pharmaceutical marketing might be the right place for you.

You’ll likely thrive in pharmaceutical marketing if:

You’re interested in science, tech or medical issues – but you don’t want to be a scientist.

Pharmaceutical marketing teams often act as translators, communicating the benefits of pharmaceutical breakthroughs to doctors, hospitals and the public. As a result, professionals who enjoy reading about science tend to love working with pharmaceutical companies – especially if their strongest skills lie in communication or strategy rather than in research and development.

You love learning new things.

The pharmaceutical field is constantly changing. New breakthroughs occur nearly every day and bringing these products to market means understanding their benefits well enough to teach through genres like text, visual images, sound and video.

If you love learning new things and enjoy the challenge of marketing what’s new or never before seen, pharmaceutical marketing might be the right fit for you.

You enjoy envisioning a better world.

The breakthroughs of pharmaceuticals regularly promise better health outcomes for patients and more efficient and effective care for doctors and hospitals. Marketers who enjoy focusing on how their products or services improve the world often find themselves drawn to pharmaceutical marketing, where the product can often deliver on the promise.

You’re seeking camaraderie in a stable field.

The pharmaceutical industry continues to grow, maintaining a large share of the Fortune 50 list and significant resources. Marketing teams within the industry find this slow and steady growth fosters stability and the chance to cultivate long-term team relationships in a company whose vision and approach to work nurtures their own.

At SMR Group, our recruiters help marketing and sales professionals find their “perfect fit” in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device fields. Contact us today to learn more.

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