Marketing is a fast-paced profession that always offers something new to learn. It’s why marketers love their work – but it can also pose challenges for keeping up with information.

LinkedIn groups for marketers allow these professionals to do double duty, learning new things while also cultivating their professional networks by sharing their own hard-won knowledge. Here are five LinkedIn groups no marketing professional should miss.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essential as the willingness to embrace digital channels continues to pervade our lives and to span generations. Digital Marketing is one of LinkedIn’s largest marketing groups, which means there’s always inspiration, information and discussions to be found here.

Inbound Marketing – For Marketing Professionals

Founded by Dharmesh Shah of HubSpot, Inbound Marketing – For Marketing Professionals offers tutorials, templates and tips for marketers seeking to create and execute more successful inbound marketing strategies. If you use HubSpot, this is a particularly strong resource, with personal help only a click away.

eMarketing Association Network

Want to expand your marketing network? eMarketing Association Network brings together like-minded marketing professionals and enthusiasts in a wide range of fields, allowing healthcare marketing teams to find new ideas and test their own approaches against the “rising stars” of other cutting-edge fields. Social media, search, mobile, email and general inbound marketing are high on the list of topics in this group.

Innovative Marketing, PR, Sales, Word of Mouth & Buzz Innovators Innovation Network

Trying to repeat this group’s name too many times in a row can leave you tongue-tied, but there’s nothing baffling or silly about its content. Innovative Marketing, PR, Sales, Word of Mouth & Buzz Innovators Innovation Network offers everything from lessons on marketing strategy to inspiration for your next campaign. Here, marketing, PR and sales professionals band together to share ideas and innovations, allowing you to choose the best of the best for your own team.

Sales/Marketing Executives (CSO/CMO)

If you want a direct line to some of the best sales and marketing executives in the country, LinkedIn’s Sales/Marketing Executives group has you covered. Its members include regular speakers at TED and other conferences as well as some of the best thought leaders in marketing today. A must-read for current and aspiring executives alike.

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