Think about the salespeople on your team who receive the most attention. In all likelihood, you spend the most time with those who are struggling. However, top performers can easily become complacent and even dissatisfied if they stop feeling motivated. Use these tips to inspire and motivate your top salespeople to continue to perform.

Provide Recognition

Top sales performers are rewarded in their paychecks and bonus pay, but everyone wants to know their efforts are noticed and appreciated. Don’t limit public recognition to the year-end meeting or assume a paycheck is enough to keep them pushing forward. Feature high performers in company newsletters, during staff and company meetings, or even schedule quarterly lunches off-site for people who exceed their goals. A little bit of appreciation and recognition can go a long way towards keeping people motivated.

Learn About Their Long-Term Goals

Never assume your high performers are content to stay where they are. Everyone has professional goals, whether it’s a certain income level, a move into management, to become a specialist in certain types of accounts, etc. Take time to learn what your high performers want from their careers and help them develop a plan to get there. Taking an active role in their development will help them continue to see a future with your organization.

Give Them Freedom

You probably have policies and procedures your sales team must follow, but there are ways you can give your high performers freedom to try new things or develop their own ways of doing things. Micromanaging their process will make them feel stifled and ultimately, their work will suffer. Let them branch out and try new ways to prospect, present and build relationships. As long as they remain compliant, high performers deserve to be given some freedom to run their business.

Don’t Move the Goalposts

One of the biggest complaints top sales performers lobby against employers is constant changes to their compensation structure. Often, these can be seen as the company’s way of getting around paying them what they deserve. If you want to keep high performers, don’t rework territories or reduce commission without having a reason they can understand and support.

Cut Back on Team Meetings

Meetings are necessary, but too many can suck the motivation out of a person who just wants to focus on revenue-generating activities. People get frustrated when meetings lack purpose, when they rehash the same topics over and over, or when they are too frequent. Make sure every meeting has a clear purpose and an agenda. If you don’t have a clear purpose, don’t schedule the meeting.

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