Nearly all managers understand their team’s daily tasks, see how those tasks affect a larger goal, and can explain which team members are best suited to which items on the to-do list. The greatest managers set themselves apart from the rest by cultivating skills that help them become effective leaders, as well as good managers.

If you’re struggling to lead your team or you suspect your team isn’t as engaged as it might be, consider brushing up on these four management and leadership skills:


Delegating is a notoriously difficult task, particularly for new managers. After all, you know how to do the job well, and time is of the essence. It’s easy to assume that simply doing the work yourself is more efficient than teaching your team to do it.

In practice, good delegation maximizes efficiency, boosts engagement and ensures your team can function even if you’re momentarily unavailable. Build trust when delegating by leaving the lines of communication open and checking work with staff once it’s finished.


Communication is an essential skill for managers. Good communication helps build trust on your team, reduce stress and ensure work is done at a standard necessary to meet the team’s overall goals. Regular communication can also help boost team accountability, especially if it’s routine and expected. For instance, checking in with your team every day at 4:30 p.m. for a recap of the day can motivate them to have something productive to report.

Time Management

Every manager has a laundry list of tasks to complete, and it rarely feels as if there’s enough time in a day to complete them. Delegation and communication can improve time management skills, as can a calendar and reminder system. Consider tackling your hardest task first each day to ensure it’s out of the way – and the time available for it doesn’t get eaten by browsing emails or on other less vital tasks.


A good manager ensures the team produces results. A good leader ensures the team knows why those results matter.

Take some time to understand and articulate the vision to your team. What is the larger goal to which they contribute? Why does their conscientious attention to the details of their work matter to that goal? How does your team make a difference every single day – and how can they make a bigger one?

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