Hiring sales professionals can be difficult. For many sales team managers, the need to hire a new team member presents a challenge they’d rather not face unless absolutely necessary.

But hiring new sales team members doesn’t have to be a chore.

Here’s how to improve and streamline the process so you can screen, interview and hire new team members more efficiently – and enjoy the process more as you do it.

Build a strong employment brand.

A strong employment brand does much of the “heavy lifting” of finding candidates that offer a good cultural fit with your existing sales team. An employment brand that showcases your team’s culture and vision will appeal to candidates who share that culture and vision. In turn, candidates who offer a great fit for your team will be more likely to apply.

Update your job descriptions.

Outdated job descriptions may fail to accurately describe the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the day-to-day tasks expected of your sales team. When the job description doesn’t match these demands, it can be hard to find candidates whose skill and knowledge profile matches your team’s actual needs.

Talk to your existing team to update job descriptions. Use these as the basis for job postings, so you’re asking for exactly the skill set candidates need to do excellent work with your team.

Create a hiring timeline.

A hiring process that drags on can frustrate both managers and candidates. Address this problem from the start by creating a timeline for the hiring process. Schedule times to screen candidates, hold interviews and check references, and break down each of these tasks as necessary to ensure you get the job done in a timely manner.

Bring a companion through the process.

Many tasks are more engaging when they’re done with someone else. To improve your hiring process, don’t hesitate to work alongside a staffing firm that specializes in placing sales professionals in your industry. Your recruiter can offer proven strategies for making the hiring process more effective and efficient.

At SMR Group Ltd, our recruiters can help you hire sales and marketing professionals more efficiently, without sacrificing quality. To learn more about our work with clients in the medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical industries, contact us today.

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