The popular conception of sales professionals is they are outgoing, talkative individuals who thrive on interacting with others.

While many extroverted people do well in sales, some of the most successful sales professionals in the medical device field today are introverts by nature. They’re quieter, more thoughtful, and may need time alone to “recharge” after interactions no matter how much they enjoy talking to other people.

If you find yourself on the introverted end of the spectrum, here’s how to leverage your natural traits to excel in sales:

  1. Make listening your superpower.

Introverted individuals often find it easier to become careful listeners, especially if their introversion comes with a dose of shyness.

In sales, the ability to listen well can easily become a superpower, as it’s an essential ability that is nevertheless underutilized. Focus on improving your ability to pay attention to what others are saying and to summarize this for improved insight and connection. You’ll find you have a better sense of what your customers need and how to provide it.

  1. Embrace quality over quantity.

More gregarious colleagues may spend a great deal of time in meetings talking, but a careful listen may tell you that their contribution is more quantity than quality.

In meetings, more is not always better. Instead, listen carefully to the viewpoints around you. Offer a contribution only when you can also offer insight – for instance, by summarizing the core issue common to a list of problems cited by others, or by pointing out one opportunity that can address several of the team’s goals simultaneously. You’ll gain a reputation for being able to see to the heart of the problem and for not unnecessarily prolonging tedious meetings.

  1. Protect your alone time.

True introverts need to be alone in order to recharge. They may love interacting with others, but their enjoyment of these relationships doesn’t stop them from being mentally and emotionally draining.

If you need time to regain your energy, take it – and set boundaries around it. Failing to do so risks burnout. If you take the time you need, however, you also gain time to think deeply about your day and the challenges ahead, giving you greater insight and perspective on your work.

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