So-called “passive” sales candidates are often anything but. These professionals are typically hard at work, achieving outstanding results … for another company in the medical device, biotech or pharmaceutical industries.

As the market for strong sales professionals grows tighter, companies need to know how to appeal to passive candidates who are content with their current jobs, but would be interested in an employer that offered a better fit. Here’s how to offer competitive incentives to get the best talent to join your team.

  1. Tailor your compensation to attract top talent.

Top sales professionals know what they’re worth, and they also know what it takes to keep their skills sharp. To attract these professionals away from their current jobs, your compensation offerings will need to communicate that you understand these points as well.

In addition to offering competitive compensation overall, focus on benefits that help sales professionals do better work. Flex time, remote-work options, and paid professional development or continuing education all convey you’re interested not only in what this person can do today, but in how well they can do in the future.

  1. Build a strong employment brand.

What’s the best part of working for your team and company? What environment, culture or support does your team offer that top candidates can get nowhere else?

Talk to your current team and colleagues about the answers to these questions. Then, use them as the basis of a strong employment brand. Incorporate your branding into all your outreach materials. You’ll stand out as an employer with a strong, vibrant personality that will attract like-minded professionals.

  1. Get the help and perspective you need.

Your recruiter can help you with every stage of the passive candidate recruitment dance, from identifying the most promising sales professionals to fine-tuning your compensation offerings and building a strong employment brand. Don’t hesitate to get the help and perspective you need.

At SMR Group, our recruiters specialize in building relationships with some of the best sales and marketing talent available in the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. When our clients need help finding the right person for the job, we’re ready. Contact us today to learn more.

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