Sales and marketing are busy fields. Often, professionals in these areas want to improve their skills and knowledge, but have difficulty finding the time to focus on absorbing a great deal of new information.

Enter the podcast. These short, prerecorded audio series are great for gathering new tips and tricks while commuting, working out or simply taking a break between meetings.

Here are five outstanding podcasts for marketing and sales professionals.

  1. Accelerate!

Hosted by Andy Paul, Accelerate! focuses on helping sales and marketing professionals improve their performance. Every podcast offers an interview with another sales professional, and topics include marketing, coaching, sales automation, personal development and more. With nearly 700 episodes available, you’ll always find something new.

  1. Advanced Selling Podcast

The Advanced Selling Podcast is hosted by B2B sales professionals Bill Caskey and Brian Neale. They share tactics and practical wisdom gleaned from 20 years’ worth of professional sales industry experience. Clocking in at under 20 minutes, these podcast episodes fit perfectly into a short commute or breaks between meetings.

  1. Predictable Prospecting

Host Marylou Tyler is a systems engineer turned sales engagement expert, and her analytical thinking shines through in Predictable Prospecting. A must-listen for any sales or marketing professional interested in lead generation, social selling and pipeline management.

  1. Sales Success Stories

Need a pick me up? Sales Success Stories, hosted by veteran B2B sales executive Scott Ingram, explores some of the biggest successes in sales by talking with industry leaders and top sales performers. This podcast can help you gather some of the core insights, techniques and habits required for ongoing sales and marketing success, from the mouths of those who are already succeeding.

  1. Sales Tip a Day

Want actionable insights, but have very little time? Each episode of Sales Tip a Day clocks in at under ten minutes but is packed full of wisdom. Host Chris Hamilton provides concrete tips and advice on how to improve your workflow, generate leads, and close deals.

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