Pharmaceutical sales are a rapidly-growing industry. It’s not unusual for a sales professional in this field to be facing two or more job offers at the same time.

While having multiple offers on the table is a great feeling, making the choice can also feel overwhelming at times. Here’s what to consider when it’s time to make the call.

  1. What are your priorities?

While it can be tempting to compare offers and their parts directly, the fact is that for every sales professional, certain factors are more important than others.

Where you place emphasis on each factor in a job offer will depend on your specific preferences, life and goals. For instance, you may value flexible work hours and locations heavily, or you may find you are most motivated by a pay structure that puts extra weight on bonuses or commissions.

By understanding your specific priorities, you’ll find it easier to see which job offer best supports your life.

  1. How competitive are these offers – and is there room to negotiate?

Is the salary offered competitive with similar positions – and if not, is it offset by outstanding benefits in other areas? Do benefits like healthcare and retirement meet your needs?

Do some research on sites like Glassdoor, or talk to your recruiter, to ensure that both the overall compensation package and its parts are competitive for the field you’re in. If you love the culture of a particular employer but the compensation offered is unusually low, see if you have room to negotiate for a better deal.

  1. Where are your opportunities for growth?

Consider carefully the structures, programs and methods by which each employer supports the growth, development and advancement of its sales professionals. An offer that looks outstanding today may end up costing you considerably in the future if the employer doesn’t support your advancement from year to year. Likewise, an offer that looks uninspiring today may open the door for an outstanding career.

  1. Who can provide perspective?

Don’t hesitate to seek informed outside perspectives if you feel stuck. For instance, your recruiter can help you contextualize job offers and focus on the factors that matter most to you and your goals.

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