Onboarding is essential to a new hire’s success. During the onboarding process, a candidate gains their first impression of your team and company. They start to learn the specific processes by which your team succeeds and the values that give life to those processes.

Here’s how to evaluate your onboarding process in order to spot weaknesses and build a strong team from day one:

  1. Examine turnover rates.

How many new hires leave your organization within the first thirty, sixty or ninety days? If this early turnover is higher than you’d like, your onboarding process may be the culprit.

Look at turnover rates to help gauge how well onboarding prepares your new hires for the culture and tasks before them. Also, examine your hiring process to determine whether new hires leave because they job they thought they accepted isn’t the job they’re asked to do.

  1. Use available data.

Digital tools make it easier than ever to gather and analyze data related to hiring and onboarding. For instance, companies can now use digital onboarding platforms that track, analyze, and adapt to new hires’ learning styles and pace.

Whether you use these new tools or are still relying on an older onboarding system, find ways to gather data and analyze it. Doing so can help you spot patterns that may lead to new insights on improved onboarding.

  1. Talk to your staff.

One of the best ways to understand how well onboarding works is to talk to the people who experience it. Check in with your staff not only as they’re going through onboarding, but also six months and a year after the process is complete. Do they feel onboarding prepared them for the team, job and culture? What would they change if they could?

In addition, talk to team members who work closely with new hires. They can also provide insight about places the new hires’ knowledge could use more attention during the onboarding process.

  1. Seek an outside perspective.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your recruiter about your current onboarding process. Share the data you’ve gathered in order to gain insight on improvements and best practices in onboarding.

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