Many sales and marketing professionals start to think about their next career step before their boss realizes they’re ready to take the leap. If you’re in this group, here’s how to help leadership see that you’re ready for more responsibility – or perhaps even for a new job title.

Stay on top of everything.

It’s difficult for any boss to ignore a team member who always turns in work on time, under budget and exceeding expectations. “You’re not ready for this” is a much harder argument to make when you clearly have time and mental energy to spare even after your current tasks are done.

When you can easily handle everything thrown at you, your team’s leadership can more readily see that you’re capable of handling more complex work.

Ask for additional projects.

Team leaders are often so busy with their own tasks that they may not realize one of their staff members is underworked or restless. Get their attention by asking for additional projects on topics you’re passionate about, or by offering to help with a project that is worrying them.

Offering to help with more work both demonstrates that you’re ready for harder tasks and that you have the team’s best interests in mind. It shows that you’re here to achieve, not to waste time.

Schedule a performance review.

Many sales and marketing teams hold performance reviews only once per year. If you feel you’re ready for a review now, however, don’t hesitate to ask your boss if you can meet to discuss your performance.

Walk into this meeting prepared to demonstrate that you’re ready for more. Bring examples of your latest accomplishments. If your most recent review contained areas for your improvement, bring evidence that you’ve met or exceeded the expectations for improvement. Provide the evidence that you’re ready for a bigger challenge, and your boss will have fewer excuses not to give you one.

Talk to a recruiter.

If your best efforts to get your boss’s attention are failing, or if the opportunities to move upward aren’t available, consider talking to a recruiter. Staffing agencies specialize in helping professionals make the right career moves at the right time.

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