Searching for the ideal sales candidate can be like searching for a purple squirrel. You know exactly what you’re looking for, but the longer you search without finding it, the more you doubt whether it exists at all.

Unlike violet-hued squirrels, ideal sales candidates do exist – and it’s possible to find yours. Here’s how.

Set a perfect purple squirrel trap.

Job candidates choose whether to apply to certain positions based on their own response to a job ad or description. If the posting resonates with their desired workplace culture and offerings, they apply; if it falls flat, they move on.

Cultivate job postings that your ideal candidate finds irresistible. Clarify what a day on the job looks like, and share highlights of your company’s culture, mission, values and goals. Candidates who will thrive in the job are more likely to apply, while candidates who aren’t are more likely to look elsewhere.

Check the forest next door.

If your current candidate sources aren’t providing the results you want, try seeking candidates in new places. Post job listings in new locations, attend different job fairs, connect with different schools around the country or simply talk to your recruiter for advice on where to look for candidates you aren’t currently reaching.

Learn to speak squirrel.

What do the best sales candidates look for in a job listing? What offerings and opportunities matter to them most? If you aren’t confident in the answers to these questions, seek information or talk to your recruiter.

For instance, many top candidates are more attracted to jobs with a clear path to advancement and support for continuing education than those that boast only a high salary. When you know what your ideal candidate wants most in a job, it’s easier to appeal to such candidates.

Talk to a specialist purple squirrel hunter.

Don’t hesitate to talk to a recruiter who specializes in placing sales professionals within your industry. Your recruiter can offer insight on what the best sales candidates want from employers and how to ensure you’re communicating that you can offer it.

At SMR Group, our recruiters help our clients connect with some of the best sales and marketing talent in the medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Contact us today to learn more.

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