Biotech is a specialized field, but sales candidates are surprisingly common – and the best sales candidates can learn to thrive in biotech even if they have no previous industry experience.

As a result, it’s vital for biotech sales candidates to use tips and tools to help themselves stand out form the rest of the crowd. Here are four ways to catch the attention of hiring managers.

  1. Be awesome on LinkedIn.

One of the first things hiring managers do when they receive an application is to search for the candidate online. With its massive social media reach, LinkedIn is frequently the first search result to appear.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile uses meaningful keywords, tells the story of your professional approach and highlights your achievements. A professional-looking photo will also help brand you as the biotech sales professional companies can’t pass up.

  1. Treat your resume as a sales document.

Every resume covers basic facts, like your name, contact information and a summary of your relevant work history. Sales professionals, however, have the skills to make their resumes even more engaging.

Consider adding a personal brand statement, which communicates what you do well that also adds value for an employer. Keep the document clean and simple. Or opt for a virtual resume or online portfolio, so you can send the link to anyone at any time.

  1. Give a great interview.

Sales professionals have both an easier and harder time in interviews than other types of workers. Interviews are more difficult, because the hiring manager is evaluating your sales skills; they’re also easier, because your sales skills lay the foundation for an outstanding conversation.

Prepare to give an interview the same way you would prepare to sell a product or service. Research the company’s pain points, and highlight how your skills and experiences can address those pain points.

  1. Work with a professional.

Don’t hesitate to contact a recruiter who can help you research potential employers, polish your resume and interview skills, and introduce you to some of the best biotech companies in the country.

At SMR Group, our recruiters connect job candidates to some of the best careers and employers in the biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical industries. For help finding a great new opportunity and positioning yourself as the best candidate for the job, contact us today.

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