With millions of users in the US and worldwide, LinkedIn offers a wealth of opportunities to connect with other professionals and build your network. Here’s how to use your LinkedIn profile to stand out, make connections and build your career.

  1. Devote time to your profile.

Setting up a LinkedIn account takes only a few seconds, but a strong profile requires a bit more attention. The more complete your profile is, however, the easier it is for recruiters and other professionals to see exactly what you have to offer – and to help you connect to new career opportunities as a result.

  1. Use the custom URL option.

LinkedIn’s default settings assign a unique set of random letters and numbers to each profile when it’s created. If you go to Edit Profile, however, you’ll find an option to specify what you want your LinkedIn address to be.

Why use the custom URL? Simply put, it’s easy to remember – and that makes it a valuable branding tool. Others are more likely to drop by your profile if it’s instead of a jumble of numbers.

  1. Get creative with your headline.

If you’re looking for a job, don’t put your current job title and company in your headline. Instead, use that creative space to showcase a particular specialty or value proposition. The best headlines answer every hiring manager’s question: “Why should I hire this person? What do they bring to the table?”

  1. Make a mini-resume.

Just as your headline offers precious space to establish your value proposition, your summary offers the chance to sell visitors on your key skills without forcing them to scroll down. Think of the summary as a miniature resume, highlighting your work passions, key skills, industry experience and any unique qualifications you possess.

  1. Be real.

Overly stuffy or pretentious wording tends to turn visitors away from LinkedIn profiles. Overuse of words like “responsible,” “innovative” and “driven” do the same thing. Instead, tell your story from the heart – and don’t shy away from doing so in the first person.

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