Whether you’re just starting a career in pharmaceutical sales or you’re thinking about making a career change, you may have asked yourself whether or not you should work with a recruiter.

The rapidly-growing pharmaceutical industry needs skilled sales professionals on its side. With so many options available, however, knowing which team or company to join can be difficult. Here’s what to know before you call a recruiter:

Not all recruiters have the same background.

All recruiters want to help job-seekers connect to great career opportunities. However, no recruiter can be a specialist in every industry in the country.

Instead, recruiters tend to specialize, building relationships within a particular geographic location or within a particular industry. As a result, it’s wise to work with a recruiter who knows pharmaceutical companies well – especially if that recruiter also understands the nuances of pharmaceutical sales.

Recruiters thrive on relationships.

At its heart, recruiting is about building relationships. Recruiters thrive on connecting with professionals in the industries they serve, and on making introductions between professional colleagues or between professionals and various companies.

In other words, if you’re looking to expand your professional network and meet others in your field, your recruiter can help. Connecting you to job opportunities is only the beginning. Your recruiter can also help you get to know other pharmaceutical sales professionals, which can help you expand your career further or simply learn more about the field.

And if you decide to make a career change? Chances are good that your recruiter knows exactly the right person to ask for help.

Your recruiter understands you’re on a budget.

Finding a new job isn’t cheap, and the expenses of traveling to interviews, finding the right interview outfit, and so on tend to build up at precisely the time you need to keep a tight lid on your spending.

That’s why the best recruiters won’t ask for money in exchange for helping you find a job. Instead, your recruiter will encourage you to keep in touch with them throughout your career. The best recruiter relationships help you “pay it forward” with an expanded network, positioning you to provide the help that you once needed.

The recruiters at SMR Group specialize in connecting sales and marketing professionals with some of the best career opportunities and employers in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech industries. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

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