A 2016 survey found that the rate of turnover for sales professionals is 20 percent. That’s one in every five members of your team who will leave before the year is up. 

While sales professionals leave their teams for various reasons, often, they do so because they’re burned out. They’ve struggled for too long against odds they can’t beat, and their reserves are gone. 

Why do outstanding performers end up leaving sales? Here are some of the most common reasons and ways to address them. 

They Need Mentorship

The mental and emotional challenge sales present can also become a drain on sales professionals. Mentors help team members meet that challenge by listening, providing advice and acting as a backstop in particularly new or challenging situations.  

Make sure team members can communicate effectively with their mentors. Strong mentor relationships help the mentor learn new things and take a new perspective as well, making them a benefit for both parties. 

They Lack the Necessary Resources

Stress is a psychological response to situations in which we feel that our available resources are inadequate to meet the challenge ahead. Chronic stress taxes the body and mind, leading to burnout. 

Focus on supplying the resources your sales team needs. Shortages will appear in different places at different times, requiring different strategies to combat. For instance, your team may be short on time, needing more hands to lighten the load. Or they may be short on skills, floundering in sales calls and failing to close deals, and need some additional training. 

They Need Backup

You want your sales professionals to focus on building relationships and closing deals. When they’re overwhelmed by administrative tasks or are asked to do the work of two people, however, they’re likely to struggle – and to seek a new job as a result. Don’t hesitate to talk to a staffing firm about finding the people you need to ensure your sales staff can focus on sales.  

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