Sales professionals thrive on strong relationships, which means that a robust network is a must. When you have a well-developed list of connections, you have the assistance you need to meet nearly any challenge, from connecting with a new potential customer to finding the right position or promotion for you. 

Here’s how to network effectively throughout your medical sales career: 

1. Rotate your networking efforts. 

Always attending the same events, reading the same online forums, or having lunch with the same people won’t do much to expand your network. Instead, try new networking techniques, and rotate through them so that you’re always networking, but in different ways. 

For instance, try to attend new professional events at least once per year. Once or twice a month, connect one on one with a member of your network by inviting them out for lunch or coffee. Explore new forums and other connection opportunities online, including on LinkedIn. 

2. Make direct connections. 

Is there a professional in the field whose work you admire, but you’re uncertain how to run into this person at an event? Send a polite email directly. Tell the person what you admire about their work, and ask if you can meet to get to know one another better. 

Like most professionals, medical sales experts are typically passionate about what they do. They’re often flattered to be asked for advice and willing to help colleagues who want to understand the field better. 

3. Grow your network strategically. 

Many medical sales professionals think that a network grows one person at a time. As a result, they tend to focus only on adding one person, rather than on what that person can do for their network.  

When you reach out to people with strong networks of their own, however, your network grows exponentially. For instance, recruiters focus on building relationships within the industries they serve, making your recruiter a single source of dozens of potential introductions and relationships.  

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