Pharmaceutical sales professionals play a key role in healthcare. They bridge the communications gap between pharmaceutical companies and physicians or pharmacists, helping the latter understand the benefits and effects of various medications. 

Advancing in a pharmaceutical sales career takes time and effort. A pharmaceutical sales certification can help demonstrate that you’ve put in the time and attention to develop your skills in pharmaceutical sales, which can help you advance your career. 

What Pharmaceutical Sales Certifications Are Available? 

One of the most popular pharmaceutical sales certifications is the Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative (CNPR) credential. This certification provides training in pharmacology, medical terminology, physiology, and pharmaceutical sales regulations.  

Training for the CNPR can often be done online. Once training is complete, you can sit for the CNPR exam to earn the credential. 

What Will I Learn in CNPR Certification Training? 

The CNPR program focuses on providing new pharmaceutical sales representatives with the information necessary to perform their jobs ethically and effectively. You’ll learn more about research and development processes, how drugs are testing and approved, how programs like Medicare treat medication costs and prescriptions, and other fields.  

CNPR certification continues to pay off during your professional development, too. For instance, lessons in medical and pharmaceutical terminology help you continue your learning by making it easier to read and understand new information in the field.  

Why Should I Seek CNPR Certification? 

The CNPR certification communicates certain key facts to hiring managers and supervisors in pharmaceutical sales. For instance, it tells these decision-makers that you have learned vital information about drug product and industry requirements, which will help you comply with applicable laws and ethics regulations when working with customers. 

The certification also demonstrates that you have important background knowledge in key areas related to pharmaceutical sales, like human physiology and pharmacology. Instead of spelling out these areas on your resume or cover letter, your certification acts as shorthand to communicate them – leaving you more space to focus on your specific accomplishments.  

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