The hiring world has changed radically in the last several years. Companies that do not adapt their hiring practices to keep pace with these changes risk being left behind, as qualified candidates move on to other resources and ways of connecting with their top employment choices.

Tips on bringing your hiring techniques in line with today’s candidate expectations:


1. Think of the job as something you sell, not something you fill.

Candidates see personal fulfillment on the job and strong company culture as more important features than ever. Top candidates aren’t looking for a list of tasks to do; they’re looking for a place to build their careers and futures.

Companies that fail to highlight their employment brand in job postings, therefore, risk losing the interest of good candidates. Use job posting space to put the job’s core demands into context by describing what the company does and why that work matters.

2. Evaluate cost/benefit before you hire.

What exactly is a new hire expected to do for your company? What’s the ROI of adding a new person to your team?

If you can’t calculate the benefits of adding a new person to your team, you risk compromising your staffing budget – especially when a qualified temporary worker can do the job well and for a lower cost. Once you know what a new team member’s contribution should look like, however, you can tailor your candidate search to those candidates whose experience and skills target that specific return on investment.

3. Build relationships with strong allies.

The hiring world changes fast. Fortunately, no company has to weather those changes alone. By partnering with a staffing firm, companies gain the profound experience of recruiters who specialize in understanding and adapting to hiring changes in their respective industries.

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