Congratulations – you got the job!

While you deserve to take a moment to enjoy your success, your first day on the job will set you back to work – not only in your field but also on the quest to prove yourself to your new colleagues and build your career. Here’s how to stand out in your new job for all the right reasons.

Make plans (plural)

Often, the plan for the first day or week in a new job is “survive.” While you’re filling out human resources paperwork and learning your way around the office, however, start thinking in terms of short-term goals you can set to demonstrate that you’re learning the ropes and contributing to the team.

Ask questions about the indicators for success in your new role. Then, set goals for 30, 60 and 90 days after hire. At each stage, list concrete objectives you want to have achieved. For best results, share this plan with your supervisor so you know if you’re on the right track.

Show curiosity and commitment

Ask new colleagues what they do, why they feel it’s important, and what their favorite part of the job is. By engaging with them and their work, you demonstrate that you’re here to learn and that you consider their experience important.

On every task, do your best work. Eventually, you’ll learn which tasks can be done competently and which require truly outstanding effort. By putting in the outstanding effort on everything at the start, however, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to the team and your ability to learn and grow by engaging with your work.

Work with your allies

A recruiter can do more than merely help you find a new job. When you work with your recruiter, you gain an ally who also understands the internal cultures of various companies in their industry. Your recruiter can give you an inside look at how to thrive in your new role, beginning from your very first day on the job.

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