Marketing is a team endeavor. Every step, from idea generation to data analytics, benefits when a strong team tackles the challenge. 

Here are five ways to build an outstanding marketing team: 

Determine which people you need. 

Do you need generalists or specialists? Technicals or creatives? Veterans or newcomers? Which tasks can be outsourced and which must be done in-house? 

By determining the type of talent you need, you can focus your energon finding precisely the right person for each position. You’ll know which skill sets you need, which will make it easier to screen resumes, craft interview questions, or explain to your recruiter exactly what sort of candidate you want. 

Articulate your team’s culture. 

Team culture affects how your team generates ideas, how it carries out projects, and how team members support and trust one another.  

By articulating your team’s culture, you gain valuable collateral for building a strong employment brand. You also help your recruiter determine which candidates will offer the best long-term fit for your team. 

Build a team strategy. 

A team strategy keeps everyone on the same page – literally and figuratively. It serves as the map that leads your team toward its goals.  

The best team strategies are clear, well-documented, and balance idealism and realism. Share your goals and strategies with your recruiter; by doing so, you help your recruiter choose candidates equipped to help your team meet its goals.  

Think big picture. 

A strong marketing team is a must, but it is also only one part of a much larger company. Tie your marketing team’s goals to the organization’s broader goals, mission and values.  

When you think big-picture, you and your recruiter are more likely to find and recruit candidates who fit not only onto the marketing team but into the organization as a whole – reducing the risk that your new hire will jump ship for a more promising offer elsewhere. 

Work with your own teammates. 

Finally, build a team that can help you recruit and hire marketing professionals more effectively. For instance, work with marketing managers on their interview skills. Talk to your staffing firm regularly for advice, feedback and assistance in building stronger teams.  

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