No matter how much you love your job, customers, or co-workers, there are times that any job can feel draining.

Here’s how to boost your happiness for a better workplace experience. 

Seek meaning in your work. 

A sense that work is meaningful profoundly affects happiness on the job. To build your happiness, find ways to connect your daily tasks to a meaningful larger picture. For instance, treat phone calls as a chance to solve important problems for customers, or idea generation as a way to spread information and insight to the world through a meaningful marketing campaign. 

Leave your problems at the door. 

Work can feel like one more burden to carry on top of problems in your home or personal life – or it can be your refuge from those issues for a time. If you’re struggling with non-work-related issues, practice putting them aside during your work hours and focusing on the tasks at hand. You’ll gain valuable mental space from your problems, which can help build your happiness reserves and provide new perspectives. 

Focus on the future. 

Often, stress and worry close down our ability to think in terms of the future. Instead, we begin to focus on surviving the next day, hour, or task in front of us.  

While “survival mode” is necessary in times of high stress, it is also detrimental to happiness, especially in the long term. To tap into your happiness reserves once again, start thinking in terms of the future. How does the task in front of you help advance your career goals, build relationships, or simply make your job easier in the coming days or weeks?  

Be open to new experiences. 

If your workplace is chronically stressful or your job consistently dissatisfying, it may be time to seek a new job, industry or career. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a recruiter. Your recruiter can help you find career opportunities and workplaces that offer a great fit for your career goals. 


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