Every sales interview will include at least one question about your sales process or methodology. An interviewer might ask directly, “What’s your sales process?”, or they may ask a more detailed question, like “How do you generate, develop and close sales opportunities?” 

No matter how the question is phrased, it offers candidates the same chance to discuss their core sales skills. It also creates an opportunity to show how your sales process is a good fit for this company’s sales team and department. Here’s what to consider when planning your answer. 

1. From start to finish, how do you execute your sales role? 

Begin by answering the question “what’s my sales process?” for yourself. List every step you take, from planning how you’re going to reach potential new clients through closing the deal, following up, and providing support.  

While you’re making this list, think about alternate methods as well – especially if you tried and rejected them in the past. For instance, if you now prefer to learn about a customer’s needs firsthand rather than by researching their company online, make a note about why you switched to your current method.  

2. When has your sales process produced success? What needs improvement? 

While thinking about your sales process, you may remember specific instances in which a particular tactic or strategy paid off. Make a note of these as well. Choose at least one of these success stories as a specific example of how your sales process works to reach your goals. 

For instance, perhaps you chose most of your current sales tactics after you discovered that using them helped you land one of your biggest all-time customers. Tell the story of how you closed the deal to illustrate the success of your sales process in action. 

3. How does the company handle sales – and where do you fit in that system? 

Having a strong sales process is only the first step. You’ll also need to demonstrate to the hiring manager that your own sales process will coordinate with the work their sales teams and company are already doing.  

This step offers you an opportunity to sell your own sales process by discussing the benefits your particular methods bring to the table. Tie these benefits directly to what the organization is already doing. For instance, if your sales process is similar to those the company’s salespeople already use, you can emphasize how you can use your skills to get up to speed more quickly once you start the job.  

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