When hiring managers look for sales and marketing professionals, they often skip over the resumes of recent college graduates in favor of candidates who are already working in their chosen field. Taking a second look at recent graduates, however, can benefit your team and company.  

Here’s what recent sales and marketing graduates bring to the table: 

1. Ambition and Enthusiasm 

New sales and marketing graduates are full of energy. Theyve just spent several years filling their heads with information, and theyre restless to make their mark in the real world.  

Because good entry-level opportunities are often competitive, recent graduates often enter their new role with a sense of responsibility. They know they need to do well from the start, and they express this understanding with a strong commitment to success. 

2. Openness to New Ideas and Systems 

Recent graduates lack of experience can become a benefit for an employer. Because recent graduates have little on the job experience, they dont have longstanding routines for their work. As a result, its easier for a company to train these workers to do the job exactly as their organization needs it to be done.  

Also, because recent grads have just spent years of their lives in education, theyre well-practiced at learning how to learn. Theyre often eager to find out how the organization does things and to make sure their work fits in with their teams ethos, methods and best practices. 

3. Diversity and Inclusion 

Graduating classes are becoming more diverse. For hiring companies, the diversity of graduating college classes offers two benefits. 

First, recent graduates increasingly come from diverse backgrounds themselves. By so doing, these candidates offer unique insights into the world, which translates into innovative suggestions for solving problems. 

Second, because college classes offer greater diversity than in the past, new graduates are more likely to have studied alongside people from a wide range of backgrounds for many years. As a result, these candidates are more likely to embrace inclusion as a way of life.  

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